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Career assessments are tools designed to assist individuals in understanding how various personal attributes impact their potential success with different career options and work environments. Especially when you are unsure what you want to do next with your career, a career aptitude test can help you narrow down your job choices and choose a career path. An example is MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Career Assessment. This test can facilitate career planning and training, enhance leadership development, help with succession planning, assist with job transfers/outplacement and strengthen morale and productivity. Get assessment and Identify your actual Potential interests, skills, values and personality.

What is The MAPP Career Test?

The MAPP Career Test is a fully integrated computer-aided assessment system that measures an individual’s potential and motivation for given areas of work and describes their temperament, aptitude, vocational interests and learning style preferences. The MAPP Career Test technology classifies, codes and identifies every kind of job and every type of person.

Why Should We Do A Career Test?

We live in a time that is changing rapidly. Some business areas are disappearing while some business areas are coming-up. Junior college graduates are having difficulty finding work. Many young people, unfortunately, can not get career counseling or benefit very little from these opportunities. Most of them, therefore, can not pursue their own educational plans. Unfortunately, young people are making critical decisions about their careers without being aware of their educational and employment opportunities. Some decide based on the money they will earn, some on employment, others on their own.

In the ever-changing world, young people need to think carefully when deciding on their education and career choices. Everyone, from adolescence to middle-age needs to know the qualifications to provide them with the skills and flexibility they need in the job market, , and to make sure career choices are final. They also need to learn their own skills, identify the professions they are targeting, and evaluate them appropriately and realistically.

It should not be forgotten that the university is not only a place to earn a lot of money but it is also a journey that provides personal development. The chaos of choosing schools and departments from hundreds of schools and departments can only be reduced with the help of an expert who will guide young people and by exploring the talents of young people. For these reasons; We recommend the MAPP CAREER TEST, which has 26 years of experience, more than 3500 business partners, more than 20 million customers, translated into 9 languages, instantly reliable results, honest, fun and just 21 minutes.

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Choices are the right way to achieve success in a career. We enable you to make the right choices and achieve success to

  • Identify your potential, skills and interests
  • Plan your future and make a roadmap
  • Develop your skills
  • Track your plan and roadmap
  • Retain your preparations and hit your target


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