Webinars are excellent for generating leads if you do it well!
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Webinars are online transmissions of seminars, presentations, or similar content which encourage interactions over various topics. It involves a person who conducts the webinar addressing an audience who is attending it. These seminars' crowds can vary, from large-scale talks to smaller staff training sessions, all categorized under this.

Contrary to this are webcasts that present information that is on-demand through a one-way interaction. Webinars can be live and sometimes recorded sessions, with a time frame provided before to gather more audience. You can do a webinar on literally anything, including training, sales, executive briefings, press conferences, meetings, interviews with multiple people, presentations, college and university introductions etc. Webinars are a convenient way for companies to conduct their sessions without asking their target audience to be present in a particular place physically. This saves up time and is more cost-effective for most people. Additionally, every participant is supposed to register with an email address, so tracking the audience is similar to conventional face-to-face seminars.

Webinars play an ideal role in e-learning for universities and other businesses. All teaching content can be shared through this platform, leading to a world with an improved way of education and gaining knowledge.

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