Certification in Career Counselling

Building your capacity to effectively guide students at any time and everywhere.

Cidentify offers a one of its kind Certification in Career Counselling program delivered in an online classroom format. Successful completion of the program offers you an alternative career that can help you earn extra. Our Certification in Career Counselling Programs not only offer a great experience but are fun, with a lot of networking opportunities. With this program, you’ll get into a community of passionate people who think exactly like you!

Helping students choose a study that is compatible with abilities, By providing the necessary information on the study areas in both the educational and vocational aspects in order to prepare the student himself for his professional future, taking into account the need to balance the student between his ambitions and abilities so that he can adapt to the profession of the future.

Preventive guidance Is to educate the student and prevent him from falling into some problems, whether study, health, psychological or social, which may result from some negative practices, and work to remove the causes. Enlightening students with the college system and university regulations, and taking note of the various problems and explaining their causes

Become a certified interpreter!
Suppose you are a career counselor, an HR manager, or simply leading a team of people. In that case, you will be required to do personality assessments to identify the potential of clients, students, or employees with dynamic career direction and options that align with their interests and abilities. Assessment Certification training will introduce you to the psychological theory and practical application of your chosen instrument. Each certification gives you the tools you need to deliver real insight for your staff, clients, or students
Academic coaching is defined as the one-on-one process of assisting students in examining academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. Their main goals include:

  • Helping students to improve their academic performance.Research
  • Solve their difficulties at school
  • Acquire the necessary skills to live in society and help them make life decisions.
  • Coaches provide free of cost individual semester-long support, assess the student’s strengths, and devise a personalized plan of action in the following areas:
  • Time management
  • Procrastination
  • Test preparation
  • Note-taking
  • Reading strategies
Become an education consultant and start your business!
As an education consultant, you can help make that happen by advising students, teachers, families, school administration, school boards on the best educational opportunities across the world. It is a rewarding and expanding career opportunity for those striving to improve educational best practices.

The aim of an education consultant is to provide expertise and insight related to secondary and higher education, either for short-term plans or long-term plans. You will learn your responsibilities include administering career-related exams, providing career advice, and helping students fill out forms and applications when applying for colleges or universities.

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