The school's environment should be designed for a future where students will be successful and happy.

Cidentify evaluates the career standards of schools to furnish its student's career development. Our evaluation will help the school and its students to enhance school transcripts, school profile, club activities, subject selection, and more. Cidentify aims to design a wholesome environment for a fun teaching and learning process in schools for a brighter future of the students.

Cidentify evaluates the following criterias to boost the school career service`s standard.
School website, Career counselor eligible, Career room & Corridor designs, Career annual plan, Career assessment test, university entrance exams` guidance, CEEB code, School profile, School transcript standards, Subjects and subject groups, Clubs & Community services which will arranged in the school, Internship which will be related to the future subject and how to get school account of university admission platforms.
When applying for university, every school submits a school profile for every individual, be it for a foreign or local institute. This profile is inclusive of the teacher’s references and academic transcripts. If you are wondering how to assemble it appropriately, we have the answer for you. The website mentioned below helps you achieve this in three steps:
  • Tailoring the template according to personal needs
  • Working with the text
  • Working with the tables

Build professional school profiles for university admission with the help of this ready-made online form example. Modify and share it without those crazy coding skills:
Create your school profile

Transcripts mean having your academic performance on paper, in the form of numbers presented to colleges when you want to verify that you meet their requirements. You will most likely find yourself lost trying to figure out online watching several tutorials on creating the perfect homeschool transcript to fit your needs. It is not just the transcript’s content, but the final look of it needs to be professional. Who would have thought building a high school transcript was no more a daunting task? Transcript Maker assists you in creating a professional transcript in just a few minutes. Create your transcripts

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