The Interleaving Practice Method

The interleaving practice involves working on a set of problems that are related but not all of the same kind. For example, a set of math word problems that call for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The consecutive problems cannot be solved with the same strategy. This is more effective than doing one multiplication problem after another.

Why is interleaving practice so effective? The answer lies in how our brains work. When we focus on one type of problem for an extended period of time, our brains become conditioned to solve that type of problem. This means that when we encounter a different type of problem, our brains may struggle to adapt and find a solution.

Interleaving practice helps us avoid this problem by constantly challenging our brains to switch between different types of problems. This not only helps us better retain the information we're learning, but it also helps us build problem-solving skills that can be applied to a wider range of scenarios.

Interleaving practice is not just limited to math problems. It can be applied to any subject or skill that requires practice, including language learning, music, and sports. For example, when learning a new language, it's more effective to practice different types of vocabulary and grammar rules together, rather than focusing on one aspect at a time.

So, the next time you're studying, try the interleaving practice. Mix things up and challenge your brain to switch between different types of problems. You may find that this study technique not only makes learning more enjoyable but also leads to better results in the long run.

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